These systems are recommended for applications in sloped surfaces. They are available in one model which can be adjusted according to the size of the heat system it will be used with. It has a system to adjust the tank’s angle so that it is vertical to the ground.

We can always design and manufacture the mounting system you require for your specific needs.

Our mounting systems for solar heaters are designed to withstand time and adverse conditions. The supports are designed so that they can be easily and quickly adjusted for practically all applications.

We use contemporary sheet metal manufacturing machinery which offer accuracy and flexibility during production and create a product which satisfies all your needs.

Furthermore, we can print your company logo or any other information you want on the support base to customize your product.

The transportation and the storing for the manufacturer and the installer have been foreseen at the stage of the product designing. Therefore, thanks to their construction and packaging they cover little space during transportation and they can be carried by a single person without requiring any special tools.

  • Easy installation
  • Less storage space
  • Logistics’ cost reduction
  • Easy transportation
Those systems are recommended for sloping applications. They are available in a single type that can adapt according to the size of the thermal system that will be placed on it. It has a system to adjust the tilt of the tank vertically to the ground. We can always design and build the support system you need.
  • Manufactured in accordance with European specification EN
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Sturdy construction to withstand strong winds and snow
  • The bases are uniform with regardless of their size and the type of collector
  • It can be packaged in a heavy duty carton box to ensure its safe and easy transport
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