Following the trends and needs of the market VENMAN has created a new line of thermosiphonic tanks, called ECOlution. This brand new line will provide a solution to modern demands for even more money saving solar systems.Through the redesigning of the product VENMAN managed to reduce the cost of the tanks whilst keeping the same high quality. The ECOlution tanks are totally manufactured in Greece and according to the European standard EN 12976.The metal fixation supports of the same line have as origin an identical pro-duction philosophy, while the new design has allowed the reduction of the cost as well. The new metal fixation supports are compatible to every tank model without any special adjustment needed, apart form the 250 L and 300L where 2 extra holding parts are added, because of the great volume of the system.In the following pages you can get familiar to the technical details of this new product line.We remain at your disposal for any further information or inquiry.

  • Antibacterial design for heating drinking water
  • Consistent and immediate hot water supply
  • Functional design
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Small footprint
  • 5 year warranty
  • Can be connected with central heating system and electricity
  • Long life
  • In heating and storing domestic water
  • In houses and small or middle hotel facilities
  • In flat and slopped roofs
  • Manufactured in accordance with European specification EN 12976
  • Double or triple energy – Connection with boiler
  • Manufactured from sheets complying with EN 10130, Al 1998 DCP
  • Insulation from environmentally friendly polyurethane 48kg/m³ with a thickness of 50mm
  • Anticorrosion protection using liquid enamel in accordance with DIN4753 and magnesium anode in accordance with DIN12438-2.2
  • Metal surface external coating in a color of your choice
  • Available in 150 to 300L
  • Special design for high performance even in areas with high water hardness and high salt creep
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